Thursday, June 25, 2009

For the Love of Wrapping

There is nothing like receiving a gift, the excitement of pulling off the wrapping and unveiling that wonderful item inside. Personally, the act of giving the gift is more rewarding than receiving a gift myself. And part of the joy of giving that gift is the presentation, the beautiful paper, the decorative ribbons and the wonderful cards to be included as well.
This post was inspired by one of my favorite rooms at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. The room was originally a linen closet and was converted into an extravagant, gift wrapping dream come true. The walls are covered with boxes, wrapping paper, fun cards, ribbons of all shapes and colors and scissors hanging from clips attached to string.

One of my favorite graphics for wrapping paper is stripes. Any color combination, thin or thick works. The most bold statement is black and white wrapping paper with a large vibrant colored ribbon.
During the search for wonderful paper, Snow and Graham Paper Company came up. They have the most amazing collection of wrapping paper and stationary. Ans there products are sold all over the United States, which is great! Some of there fun papers are shown below.

The greatest discovery I ever made when I moved to San Francisco was the store Paper Source. They have walls of ribbons in any and all colors and sizes you could imagine. They also have great, unique gift cards, which are generally hand made. But the wall that I always gravitate to is the wall of custom paper, all with wondrous graphics in the most exciting colors. You can grab all different ones to save for emergency wrapping or for specific people that you know would love them. (*trick for not ruining the visual of the paper* use double sided tape, rather than putting a strip over your beautiful wrapping paper).

* Images compliments of Dutchbaby, Apartment Therapy, Snow and Graham, Tres Chic


Anonymous said...

This is so fun. Love all the different ribbons and paper. Paper source was a great find!I want a wrapping paper room.

Meg said...

I love beautifully wrapped gifts, especiall ones with a big bow. The nice thing about pretty packaging is that you can find so many ways to reuse ribbon again. I LOVE the black and white stripe package!!

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