Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sea Glass

Sea glass is a very special tradition in our family. Every weekend we take the dogs to the beach and put our heads down as we talk and the hunt starts for sea glass. There are goods day when we find beautiful colors, green, whites , turquoise blues and brown. On the very lucky days someone will find a deep blue! We always say that " its going to be a good day." We have two hurricane lamps in the house on the dining room table both equally full of sea glass. I even used the hurricane lamps with the precious collection of sea glass for staging jobs and every one was in a panic about when they would be returned and put back on the table. The sea glass are not just any piece of glass off the beach. It has to be worn on all sides and not have any sharp edges. If it is not perfect, it is thrown back into the ocean to be worked on some more. There are times of the year we are not all together and when we are strolling the beach, this is when we call the girls to check in. I can not tell you how much they are missed and I cannot wait for them to be home for our sea glass hunts on the beach. I grew up with this tradition of hunting for sea glass with my Grandmother who had mason jars filled to the brim with sea glass in her Martha's Vineyard kitchen house.

All of the rooms and objects that are pictured below reminds us of the colors that we have found on our beach combing sea glass walks.
This is one of Amanda Talley's beautiful pieces of Art. The colors look like one of our hurricane lamps.

House Beautiful- water siting Room- Iceberg by Benjamin Moore

These chandeliers have the feeling of hanging sea glass.

I am obsessed with these gemstone knobs by Marjorie Skouras! They are so fun!!

*Images compliments of House Beautiful, Anthropology, Coastal Living, Jane Coslick, Sandra Morgan, Amanda Nisbet, Massucco Warner Miller, Palmer Weiss
, Amanda Talley, Marjorie Skouras


Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Wow! I love the collection of photos in this post. The turquoise colors are amazing and amazingly, I haven't seen these photos elsewhere! (Usually in blogland you see repeats.). Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the very sweet comment about my friend. I will forward it to her. I think you will make her day! Loving your blog... will be adding it to my blogroll now!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Thanks for the comment! We are so glad you added us to your blog! Thank you!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Beautiful images! Will add you to my blogroll as well!

Pigtown-Design said...

Hi! Love the seaglass. Two stories:
1) I live near a littl urban beach and find loads of seaglass. I drill holes in the pieces and make windchimes.

2) When I lived on the south coast of Wales, I collected sea glass and drilled holes in it and sold them to the local knitting shop for buttons.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

What fun ideas for sea glass, wind chimes and buttons. A sweater with sea glass buttons would be really pretty.

ghost chair said...

the tiles in that shower are incredible! miles better than what I currently have - square plastic tiles in mint green and black. ugh.

wouldn't it be nice if ALL trash turned to treasure like this? the would would be a nicer place to live for it.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful and inspiring....thanks

Anonymous said...

love it all beyond belief. Wish i lived near the ocean but instead i have a pool! will have to do

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