Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Sea of Coral

Coral doesn't only have to be enjoyed under the ocean with a wetsuit and scuba gear. Integrating coral into your home is easy and will make any space look very modern and fun! There are many different shapes, sized and colors of coral. The big white pieces are fun with silver bowls or on a mantle combined with sea glass and hurricane lamps. This combination would be fun for a beach house. You can also add some red or pink coral to a room to add some color. This small touch can make a big difference.
Mix coral and starfish or pictures of boats or the ocean...
This white coral looks really cool against the orange background and looks great with greens, blues and reds!

These urns with the coral add a lot of dimension and character to the foyer. It is really creative!

This bar is a great place to add a touch of coral...

Coral can also be used as a pattern to incorporate into furniture. This Oly chair below is really fun and adds a lot of character to any kitchen or dining room set.

I am loving these coral candlesticks! I would love to have them on my mantle and are realistically priced at only $14.95 from Z Gallerie.

These coral pictures look great hanging on a wall and add a fun accent of color to a light wall. Putting two or three on a wall looks really nice, incorporating different shapes and sizes of frames and coral pieces.

Coral pieces sold at Bergdorf Goodman by Eduardo Garza *images compliments of Dovecote, Coastal Living, Coastal Decor, Eduardo Garzo


Meg said...

This is a great post! I love the look of coral in interiors; I can't wait to check out the sites you mentioned!!

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