Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mariette Himes Gomez

Melissa and I were given the great pleasure and honor to meet Mariette Himes Gomez while we were at High Point this year. I will always remember the look on Melissa's face when Laura Holland introduced us to this icon of interior design. She so generously sat down and gave us a little chat on her beautiful Boudoir sofa. "Well girls, would you like a copy of my books?" She signed both books for us. The first book "Rooms" to Melissa, and her second book, "Houses" to me. They are part of a collection of three books she has written, with the last book of the series "Apartments" due to be published by Feb 2010. Make sure to look for it! After so thoughtfully giving us the gift of the books, she gave some insight and advice about interior design.

"It does not matter how much it costs as long as it has quality and good style." Mariette Gomez attended the Rhode Island school of design and the New York School of Interior Design. She then worked in the offices of Edward Durell Stone, Albert Hadley and Sister Parish. Her approach to design comes from her interest in architecture followed by design and finally decorating, in that order. Ever since she was 16 years old she has known she wanted to be a designer. When she was in school as a young girl, the options were so limited. She could go into teaching and nursing. Women were not given the options they are blessed with today! Mariette also brought her daughter Brooke Gomez into the family business as another mother/daughter team. We of course are into that concept. "The Mother Daughter team."

Mariette's rooms are so calming. She uses soft colors along with white tones as her neutrals. They are great colors of soft pinks and greens. She calls these her neutrals and uses them like beige's in a room. We really liked this idea. And let me tell you, her rooms are beautiful. Mariette has design options only few could dream of. When she is working on a house she has Donald Kaufman come and work with her on the colors for the house. Art is the starting point of decoration for her. She always focuses on the collection of art and antiques her clients have. Mariette likes her clients to enjoy and use their beautiful things. She does not want her interiors to look like a museum or to be cluttered with objects. Her approach is classic with a modern clean line. Bedrooms are a favorite of hers. They are serene and beautiful. Mariette was also the designer for the Mayflower Inn in Washington, CT. At the hotel she had 25 bedrooms that had to be designed 25 different ways. I think she knows bedrooms. Every Kips Bay she has ever done has been bedrooms.

Mariette has a wonderful collection of furniture, that is sold through her own shop in NY, called "The Shop" which she opened in 2001. Through her partnership with Hickory Chair, she introduced her signature line with them in 2002. There are 120 wonderful pieces in her line for Hickory. Hinson & Company are also partnering with her to create a collection of fabrics and wallpaper. Her custom rugs are available through the Doris Leslie Blau Gallery in NY. Mariette has a great eye for photography . She walked us around the showroom to see her photographs that hang along with her beautiful interiors. Her amazing photographs are available through the Soicher-Marin Gallery in Hawthrone California.

After we had a wonderful chat with Mariette, we had the pleasure of attending her lunch and lecture. It was an extra plus to be able to view her photographed interiors in such a large format. Again we learned so much more. A lot of great points were garnered from this lecture that we will be able to post about in the future. Dominick Rotondi, Mariette's assistant was also so helpful to Melissa and I and we would like to say thank you to him for all of his help with samples and finding a way for us to have the best seats in the house during Mariette's lecture. Melissa and I cannot thank Mariette Himes Gomez enough for taking the time to sit and chat. We can not express how deeply touched we were that she took the time out of her extremely busy day to talk to us. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Melissa with Mariette and one of the two books she signed and gave us. (A Big Thank You)
They are sitting on the Boudoir Sofa.

Here Melissa is sitting in one of her favorite chairs. The Ballroom Side Chair. Mariette was so fun and cute. She helped Melissa with her wrap sweater and was moving chairs around for the photos. She was just so helpful always working! I HAD TO SAY, "I WILL MOVE THAT CHAIR!"
Ballroom Side again without Melissa.

Here are her collection of custom rugs through Doris Blua Gallery . What great patterns and colors to compliment her interiors.

Interior with a Photograph by Mariette
Photograph by Mariette
Also a photograph by Mariette that can be hung as a pair with image above.
Cypress Cocktail Table
Calla Bed and Porter Divan

Bolero Chair with wonderful nail heads application that Melissa and I both loved and took a lot of photo's.

All showroom shots above from 2009 market.
Mariette books. This is the one I was given.

Rooms was given to Melissa, it is now sitting on my bedside table.

Interiors from her portfolio collection of city and country.

Crystal Side Table

London Side Chair

Boudoir Sofa
Chinatown Table Red
Recamier Sofa
Invisible Tables
Scallop Cocktail Table

Cypress Cocktail Table
Boudoir chair

Center Stage Sofa

Egg Ottoman
*Images compliments of Mariette Himes Gomez and Hickory Chair


Anonymous said...

What a great experience that must have been! Thanks for sharing the experience, her rooms and her design advice. Loved it!
pk @ Room Remix

Torie Jayne said...

Great post! What a brilliant experience, thanks for sharing, love the boudoir chair! Have a sweet day!

Renae said...

Oh WOW...I NEED those books!

Mimi said...

How exciting! I'm also a big fan of Marriette Himez Gomez...Her firm in NYC...Always imagined what it would be like to work with her..You never know. She and her daughter did the 2007 Kips Bay showhouse...I was so hoping to meet her there..
Great post! Hopefully I will have the chance to go to High Point next year. I would love to meet my fellow blogger friend:)

JMW said...

That ballroom sidechair is gorgeous! Will have to check out her book.

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

Yes High Point next year! Would be so fun to meet fellow bloggers.

Emily said...

How fabulous! What a great experience. I love these pieces and am so ready to go buy those books! great style.

Radka said...

Hello, you have a very nice blog, full of pretty pictures, I wish a nice day, Radka.

Padgett Hoke said...

What a great story, thanks for sharing! So many of those photos could go in the "dream space" folder on the old computer! Plus - I am so glad you are enjoying the rosette, that tickles me! yippy!

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Looks like a wonderful experience! I love those books! Janell

Donna said...

Can I just say I am soooo jealous! What a great opportunity! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!!!

Julie said...

Happy you guys met her. I love her clean style and tne center stage sofa. Have a great weekend

Deliciously Organized said...

How fun! I will definitely need to go out and pick up the books!

Style Redux 2 said...

Great post and what a wonderful opportunity. Her look is so timeless and elegant.

Karen Slate said...

Great post! Yes, Marietta Gomez is such a design icon! Her design work is so soothing and pleasing to the eye. No wonder she is such an icon! I too met her this year in High Point at the HOUSE BEAUTIFUL market party and had the honor of photographing her.

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