Friday, October 9, 2009

Swanky Belts

Nancy Zylstra is the founder and designer of "R.U. Swanky?" Belts. The Southport, CT. resident creates unique designs and has them cast and reproduced by a metal worker. The handmade buckles feature precious and semi-precious stones and come with a choice of a variety of different leather straps. These beautiful belts start at $185.

R.U. Swanky Belts have interchangeable straps in a variety of leathers and suedes. Debuted in January 2006 throughout Ct, MA and NY. They are now available in boutiques throughout Japan, South America and the Caribbean Islands. You can also email Nancy your order by picking the belt you want from her website.

I have two R.U. Swanky belts and I got one for my my for her birthday. I am beyond obsessed with mine and are always a great accessory to dress up my jeans and a top. Below are the two of mine! The horse is my fall/winter belt and has a horse-head, purple stones and a horse-hair strap.

This one is my spring/summer belt with white iridescent stones and a large shell, along with a light tan leather strap.
Here is a collection of R.U.Swanky belts along with some displayed in the Calypso store.

*Images compliments of Chic Coles, R.U.Swanky? Belts


Claire said...

So sexy!

Sarah (Matters of Style) said...

Wow, so cute!!!

Design Esquire said...

I love those!

Padgett Hoke said...

how cute, I used to have something like that but it wasn't nearly as swanky and cute! I will be saving up and put those on my wishlist!

Emily said...

These are great! I have seen some similar ones in Boston but I may need to get one with shells for next summer!

Emily said...

I love them!!!

pink-to-green said...

I love anything starfish-- these are so unique!

Donna said...

the frog is sooo cute...very original , thanks for sharing

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