Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Outdoor Christmas Trees

We will be putting up the outdoor christmas tree on our front porch soon. Hint I hope this weekend. The girls have asked us to wait for them to come home to put up the tree in the house. Wait, Cassandra does not fly in until The 23rd. Hope she is happy to put up the tree on her Birthday the 24th. Well back to the tree on the porch. I would love to have it all lit up in a blaze of tinny white lights. I am the one in the house that always wants more lights on the tree. When I am buying lights I always look for the ones with extra footage to them. The more the merrier for me. Counting the days until the girls come home! They are in the middle of finals right now. Poor things. Hope they do well! 

images compliments of: Coastal Living


Style Redux 2 said...

Beautiful examples.

Rebecca June said...

How pretty is this idea! I love it!


Rebecca June

JMW said...

Love the outdoor tree (especially with the dog resting at the base of one).

Cristin said...

so fun! we have a little one on our porch too.


Design Esquire said...

Love these images. My husband loves outdoor trees too. I hope your daughters get through the exams in one piece! I'm sure they're looking forward to coming home.

Anonymous said...

Love the first image- just pure white lights... so magical. I'm also a light addict- I think we have 12 strands on our tree this year.

Kristin said...

Best of luck to the girls on their finals. And that last tree is sooooooo swoon worthy!

Haven and Home said...

Loveeeee these images! Hearing you talk about the girls coming home makes me even more excited to go home!

Vanessa said...

Love the relaxing outdoor scenes; especially the cute little dog!
Come visit me and see some of my Christmas decor

Deliciously Organized said...

I love all these images. I have finals next week, not looking forward to it!

Good Luck! Almost finished!

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