Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gweneth Linen

We are so in love with this wonderful linen that covers Melissa Warners curvy upholstered headboard in her West Hollywood bedroom. We are always on the search for heavy, thick linen in great colorways. The blood really started pumping when we read Gweneth (she really is cool) for one thing, then linen the next...the combination is wonderful. So off to the Schumacher web site and then into the show room to get our hands on this beautiful thick linen. The Gweneth linen comes in an aray of colorways, some of our favorites are walnut, hyacinth, navy and coral. Thank you so much Miss Warner for introducing us to this beautiful linen. Also on a side note the bedroom was designed around the Groundworks trim tape on the pillows, with the colors in corals, brown and ivory. This bedroom is so young, fun and fresh.

Images compliments of : House Beautiful, Melissa Warner


Averill said...

Loved this bedroom, too. So excited that you tracked down that linen -- and stoked that it comes in navy and coral!

Emily said...

I am so with you here! That bed is my opinion!

Kirsten Sue said...

linen is so beautiful.

Kelly Green said...

i agree - just stunning! KG

LindsB said...

Those pillows are amazing, actually the whole bedroom is amazing!

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Yes yes yes I LOVE her headboard!! So glad you have the resource :)


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