Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Before and Afters

    We are working on a project right now that is involving a lot of before and afters. The house we just finished, is all set. Every screen door has been scraped and painted...all the beautiful wooden windows have been re-glazed so that the window pains do not fall out. The siding has been re-shaked with beautiful red cedar shakes. Bedrooms have been repainted a cheery sunny creamy white; half linen white. The house has gone through a complete clean up and it looks just lovely, which is just so exciting. Now on to the next project. 
    This next house has a number of large trees around it causing a build up on the roof of pine needles and moisture in the roof.  Down came the trees to be sawed up into beams, boards and planks. We went out to pick the new roof and everything that was needed for that part of the project. The shutters are all coming off to be scraped and repainted with essex green Benjamin Moore paint. All trim on the new windows had to be painted along with a lot of touch up on interior, after the house was totally rewired. We also installed a new french door to replace the old sliding door out front facing the mountains. With all this before and after work, we thought it would be fun to show some completed works. In all these before and afters we noticed how important shutters are to a project and making a house look new and crisp. We are all for keeping the old shutters and cleaning them up but we will have to orders some new ones to replace the ones that are just too broken to use...that is on the to do list. Order or find nice old wooden shutters in great shape. Landscaping is also playing a big part in the updating of these houses. What really fun projects! It is almost like "I spy" trying to find all that was done to the after houses.

Images compliments of: Coastal Living


JMW said...

Love the blue shutters on the "after" pic of the first cottage. That second house's renovation is AMAZING! I've always wondered what could be done with the exterior of some of those awful 1970s houses. What a great transformation!

Kristin said...

I can't wait to see all of the pictures! I love a good transformation.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Love that patio!

Flooring Goddess said...

Love before and after photos! Thank you so much for sharing these, they look very good. I'm sure they were a lot of work too. And your are correct, the shutters really make a difference along with the landscaping. Keep on sharing :)

Kelly Green said...

Thank you - loved seeing these transformation!

Empress of The Eye said...

Really great. I never get tired of well done B&A!

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