Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bird Homes

Growing up, my grandmother always had a fascination with birds (to be honest, she still does.) Every morning she wakes up and eats breakfast in front of her great bay window in the kitchen and looks out at the birds that line her trees outside. She takes great care to learn about these birds and she has bird-feeders outside the window filled with sunflower seeds and bird seed that always keeps them coming back to that same window. Her fascination with watching birds has trickled down to me, and I love being able to name birds that I see (blue bird, cardinals, hummingbirds) and we talk about the different chirps they make. It makes me think about bird "homes" both bird houses and bird cages. Although I would never want to keep a bird locked up in a cage as a pet, antique bird cages in an interior can add a special element to the room and is a large accessory that is perfect for a great room or living room. I am also fascinated with the idea of bird houses and would love to have one in our "formal gardens" (named from the early 1900's) at our house in New Hampshire. 

More of a bird "hotel" than a bird house but nonetheless exquisite!


Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

Ohhhh I love a good architectural birdcage!

Lisa said...

I do adore bird "homes" too! I think you have a wonderful bunch here, each one more quaint than the next!
I will most likely be just like your grandmother and my granny someday, waking up and appreciating the sweet sounds.
We put white lights on our houses in the winter. It's so pretty and they don't look so empty.
Hope you all are well. Busy I know!
xo Lisa

Lavender and Lilies said...

I need one of these!

Pink to Green said...

My grandma is the same way! Whowa.. that bird hotel is amazing!

Emily said...

Great post! My father adores bird houses so I always like to find new places to get him one for a future gift! Hope you're enjoying your summer.

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