Monday, July 26, 2010

The Good Looking Game Chair

Below is an image that is the bane of my existence. I apologize to anyone in advance that find these attractive, and don't get me wrong, they are extremely comfortable, but why can't they make them a bit more attractive? 

As a girl who is dating a guy who plays video games (and let's face it, that is most of us out there) this is exactly what he would love to have sitting 5 ft. from the TV screen. They literally would never have to leave, and probably wouldn't if not to eat, sleep and do a few other things. I will admit, I just got done playing a fast paced, bloody game of Left for Dead in which you run around killing zombies. In no way would I consider myself a "gamer chick" but there is something extremely exciting about shooting crazy deranged zombies. That being said, comfort is a HUGE thing when it comes to sitting for long periods of time. So I did some research and pulled some pictures of some really good looking game chairs that pass the test (with the help of the guy who also does this gaming thing for a living-making them that is).

I love the upholstery on this one, and the ottoman
is an added bonus!
1st Dibs - Antique du Monde

These beautiful lavenders almost didn't make it, 
but I promised more gaming on my end!
1st Dibs - Ramos

This one looks so comfortable and has a lucite base!
1st Dibs - Galere

This was the guys top pick! And one of my favorites too!
The high back on the chair is one of the most important elements. 
Good old West Elm!

Here's to happy (and beautiful) gaming homes!


Anna Liesemeyer said...

What a clever post! :) THat dark grey one has to be my fave:)
It is so true that you don't often see attractive game chairs!

Kristin said...

That's West Elm? I neeeeeed it! SO gorgeous! Should I let the hubs have a gaming system again? It went bye bye when we had the dude. HA!

Haven and Home said...

I am loving those West Elm chairs!

The Goods Design said...

Fabulous post - my husband and I are always having the form vs function debate!

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