Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lustworthy Trunks

Don't you just love these Louis Vuitton vintage trunks? I think they are gorgeous and so classic. I found a blog post dedicated solely to Louis Vuitton travel trunks from 1889-1930 here that is really fun to look at. My great grandmother had a set of LV trunks that she would take with her when she would vacation at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida back in the day and they are monogrammed with her first and last name. (They are in a museum at the moment, but otherwise I would love to have them in my possession...) I would also love to have a set of the Goyard Trunks from Paris. A girl can dream right? For now, I can get an inexpensive trunk from the container store or from amazon. 




~Melissa in New Orleans~


Love of the Sea said...

Love the trunks used as a bedside table.... gorgeous. WOUld love to have a set but don't know what I would do with them!!!

Starfish & Sundresses said...

They're all gorgeous! You definitely need to call dibs on your great grandmothers when they are done with their museum tour! xx

quintessence said...

So funny to see this post - I was just thinking about what I am about to tell you this morning. When I was in college, sophomore year a house became available as a dorm that hadn't been lived in for years. My roommate and I were lucky enough to win the lottery and with several other girls moved in. We got one of the 2 bedrooms on the top floor which was an adorable eaved space with a shared bath with clawfoot tub and skylight. I was one of the first to move into the house and after putting my things away, went to look around. I ventured into the basement and what should I find but an enormous Louis Vuitton trunk with the exterior wood ribbing. I was beside myself with excitement. Being the honest girl that I was, I ran all the way to housing to see if I could claim my find. Of course I had to wait in line...and by the time I got back the truck was gone. I was crushed. So in this case I guess honesty didn't pay.But I never saw the trunk in anyone's room so I can't imagine who took it - a mystery to this day.

Cassandra C said...

I so badly want some for my living room! Not only do they make great side tables - but they have a double act as storage!

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