Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bold Pattern on Seagrass

We are so intrigued with the idea that it might be possible to turn this jute rug from this beautiful natural design to this cool geometric designed rug by Mary McDonald. We had two jute rugs in the kitchen of a project we were working on that had gotten some water stains. They were taken out and replaced, but we did not want to just throw them away so we had the man working for us put them in another house we were working on.  We had just completed painting the porch including the floor. We put these two rugs down thinking that we would use them on this beautiful porch. This would have worked really well but unfortunately the workman that we had this summer decided to use them as a drop cloth. Now they have joint compound, saw dust and boat marks all over them needless to say they are a complete mess . When we saw this amazing idea from Mary McDonald we thought great we can still use the rugs, lets just paint them.  We are looking for ideas and a solution to this problem. Has anyone ever tried this?

If you want to create a border design on the rug, use one-inch wide tape to cover a strip adjacent to the binding. Then use two-inch wide tape to secure the freezer paper approximately one inch from the tape. If you want to create a checked design, use pieces of one-inch wide tape to cover areas between two inch-wide strips, leaving tiny squares between each piece.
Once you have covered all the areas of the rug you wish to leave natural, it's time to paint. Make sure the tape is secure before painting. When ready, spray paint all uncovered areas of the rug, including the binding. Don't be skimpy with the paint. Let the rug dry for several hours.
Once it is dry, carefully remove the tape and any freezer paper. Finish the rug by spraying it with the acrylic sealer. Spray the sealer over the painted and non-painted areas of the rug. Let the rug dry overnight and it's ready to use.

Images compliments of: Veranda and Pottery Barn, Rustic Girls


Anonymous said...

I've seen other patterns painted on rugs, but haven't done it myself. I LOVE the pattern that you chose! Hope you do it so that we can see it. :-)

daninotes said...

I LOVE this idea! I would if I cold pull it off in my little boys room where the sea grass is wall to wall. There is a stain right in the middle. The paint pattern might be the perfect thing to cover it up! Thanks.

BethanyJoy said...

How ironic...this was on my list for the weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out!

mydesignchic said... this. Let me know how it turns out - I have a few that need a little attention!!

Hamptontoes said...

I have not tried, but the look is stunning. Would love to hear how it works if you decide to take that route. I know you can purchase seagrass/jute with pattern and have it serged to your size requirements.

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