Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY: Paper Lantern

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It was pouring here the whole weekend so we were happily inside for a rainy weekend. Some of you might have been over on the wonderful blog Parlour with the talented Nichole, and seen this post. One of the most beautiful DIY projects we've seen! 

Well I happened to have a paper lantern from Ikea, so I thought I would give it a try. It turns out, this DIY is a big undertaking! I have been working on this baby for more than four evenings now and it isn't even half way covered! 

My best technique was to just scrunch the coffee filter and put the glue on at the bottom. 

The closer you can get them the better. 

Mine is turning out a little different than Nichole's, she must have done hers really close together!

Thanks Nichole for the great project. Yours looks so beautiful in your home. 
We love your blog! We're really looking forward to seeing this project done!


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

This DIY seems to be quite popular. I posted this last week. I'm working on 2 for a couple of friends.

Nichole @ Parlour said...

Thanks for the feature. Yeah, it took me many hours to finish it, as I placed the filters super close together. It was overwhelming. Keep on going, it will be finished at some point!

Alison said...

Keep going! I want to see the final product!

Cristin said...

so cute and easy! my kinda project.


Megan said...

how cool; can't wait to see it hanging!

Wandering Mist said...

Show me how it is when lit!!!

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