Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Equestrian Advertising

I am sure many of you have seen some of these images before-either on the web or in magazines, but I couldn't help showcasing some of my favorite advertisements using either equestrian accessories or actual horses in their ad campaigns. The Anthropology magazine had the whole first part of their catalogue featuring clothing and accessories in an equestrian setting; either with horses or accents such as horseshoes or saddles. It is interesting to notice in these advertisements that they are not always showcasing riding outfits. Sure some campaigns are selling clothing/accessories geared to riders or someone interested in wearing a riding inspired outfit, but most of these ads are using horses and the equestrian feel to add a sense of beauty, elegance and feminism to the outfit and setting. To me, horses add just a beautiful feeling to anything, and an advertisement is the perfect placement for them!

This first image is my favorite with the black and white contrast of the woman and horse with the white lines of the street. 

*Images compliments of Anthropology, Vogue, Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo


Lisa said...

Love this!
Maybe it's because the World Equestrian Games were held in the U.S.A.(lexington) for the first time ever.
Getting ready to post about the goodies in many of those photos and would love to link to you all.
xo Lisa

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Beautiful. Love them all.

Design Elements said...


Lavender and Lilies said...

I've noticed that too. It's lovely and perfect for fall.

Lila said...

Lovely pics! I guess people are realizing that horse lovers need to be advertised to as well:)!
Lila Ferraro

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that first images is so interesting. How beautiful all those horses are.

Kristin said...

That reminds me...I REALLY need a new pair of riding boots!

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