Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Daily Make-Up Routine

When I was in highschool, I worked at a make-up store in Darien Ct. Here I was trained by make up gurus such as Trish McEvoy and the pros at Shu Uemera as well as the skincare company Darphen.  JD's Cosmetic Essentials was the name of the store and this is where I developed my real love with make-up. I am not a heavy make up wearer and I really am not into the caked on look; I love the natural look...a little bit of bronzer, blush and mascara will do the trick for me and when I got out at night or to a special occasion I love to do a heavier eye (ie; the smokey eye.) Cue for a future post when I will do a step by step process of how to do a natural looking smokey eye (the one where it dosen't look like you got punched in the face). 

Here is a step by step product list of the make-up I use everyday.
1. Start out covering any spots or dark under-eye circles with Shishiedo concealer. Make sure this is lighter and will not show up underneath your foundation.

2. Use a tiny bit of Nars Powder Foundation with SPF 12 all over the face and blend it into the neck. You shouldn't have to blend it too much as you should have a color that matches almost exactly to your skin tone. During the winter, I like to use the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer since my skin can get a little bit dry.
3. Next take Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna and with your brush give your cheeks and forehead a sunkissed look-make a C along your two cheek bones and blend it in along over your nose and up to your forehead. 
4. I like to use a bright blush-one that makes my cheeks look rosy. My favorite is the Laura Mercier Rose Petal, it makes me look like I got a little bit of sun without actually being sunburned. 
5. I like to use a light eyeshadow as the base and for the lid color; the Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Sandra consists of Bone and Silver Mist; the bone is the base for all over the eye up to the eyebrow and the silver mist (more of a light lavender) is used for the lid color. 

6. The Matte Eye Color in Black Plum by Laura Mercier is the color I use for my crease eye-color. I do a windshield wiper movement along my crease with a small amount of black plum eye color and blend it with the bone color from step 5 if it gets too heavy. 
7. As for liner; I use two...one to add color and one for dark definition. Grey Utility from Mac is used on the bottom of the eye as well as along the top of the eye lid (along the lash line). This makes the eye look more dramatic. I use Kohl Eye Pencil from Laura Mercier in colorway purple sapphire. I put this under the top eye-lid. When I want to do a more waterproof eye-liner, I use caviar eye liner by Laura Mercier and this is applied with an eyeliner brush. 

8. Mascara is my must-have product. If I am were to leave the house with one piece of make-up, it would be mascara. My favorite mascara is the Lash Curling in black from Trish McEvoy; it is a tube mascara that comes off in sheets with warm water. I cannot stand when I take make-up off and I have large racoon eyes or when I have to use a ton of eye-make up remover. This makes everything less messy and a lot easier. 

(a second option to the Trish McEvoy mascara is from Clinique and is the high impact curling mascara with warm water removal). 

9. As for lips, I have an array of lip-glosses and lipsticks I enjoy wearing, my new favorite is the Dior addict lip glow. This is my new favorite because it responds to the chemistry of your lips and creates a color that is uniquely yours

Images compliments of: Sephora, Laura Mercier, Trish McEvoy


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness the purple you use is so beautiful! I have never heard of the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It's great that it has sunscreen in it.

Alison said...

I love Laura Mercier products -- and especially the tinted moisturizer, but I'm not familiar with Nars-- I'll have to check out some of their products. This post was really informative and I can't wait to see your smokey eye tutorial as I am prone to the black eye meets smoky eye horror!

Cassandra C said...

lOVE THE POST SISTER! I wish you still worked for JD's I could get all my goodies! Oh I miss Laura stuff at a discount!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

Great post! I love beauty and sharing tips on makeup and products. I have never tried the Nars bronzer but I think I am going to give it a try now! I'm from Wilton and I have been to JDs many times. Loved that store!

Anonymous said...

Wow what beautiful makeup and colors. Love all the soft colors together. Looking forward to the smokey eye. It is just amazing what a little makeup can do.

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