Saturday, October 16, 2010

Signet Rings

There is something about Signet Rings that just really catch my eye. I came across a post from Vanessa and Valentine the other day talking about her Signet ring her her husband is going to get her as her present for when she has her new baby. I thought this was such a great idea and a really fun way to incorporate your new babies monogram into your jewelry collection. While I don't have a baby, I think it would be nice to get a Signet ring with my initials MOC on it. They are timeless and classic, not to mention feminine and I am definitely a sucker for anything monogrammed and any type of jewelry. Vanessa is getting one from Tiffany's (yea sure i'll take one too!) however, there are a lot of places online you can get signet rings. I was then reading through Lucky Magazine and found two pages with Signet rings featured on them; one with a gold ring with script monogram and one with a large ring that had the inscription around the side of the ring and a stone in the middle. The Tiffany ring might be my favorite and i'd love it in silver!

*Images compliments of Vanessa and Valentine, Tiffany & Co, Lucky Magazine


JMW said...

Love signet rings. For both my high school and college rings, I chose the signet options that we available. Classic designs - never goes out of style. Those rings from Tiffany's are gorgeous (I'm a big fan of these gifts for new moms, also known as the "push prize." ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the Tiffany ones. What is the price point and are they gold and white gold. what kind of engraving do you like?

Cassandra C said...

Those Tiffany ones are perfect! I remember when I got mine, is was a big plain silver one with CCC. But it wasn't from Tiffany's it was from Baubles in Darien!

Meet Vanessa said...

Hi Ladies...Thank you for the blog mention!!! I just love the classic signet ring and ANYTHING with a monogram on it!


Mike said...

Signet Rings are my favorite rings. There's just something about them that I like. Even as a guy I think they look good on me.

Barbara said...

I wear a silver signet ring that looks just like the Valentine from Tiffanys.Its a big ring to wear on my pinky but its so comfortable and its eye catching,I get a lot of compliments.I take it a jeweler every once in a while and have it polished up it looks great

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