Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Incorporating Garland into your Holiday Decorations *Re-Post from The Foundary"

Incorporating garland into your holiday decorations is an easy and affordable way to spruce up your home. Traditional garland is the long strands of pine that are sometimes used to make wreaths.  More modern versions of garland come in different colors such as silver and usually incorporate another form of decoration attached to the strands of garland.
I love garland around the fireplace and mantle area, along where the stockings are hung.  Not only does it smell delicious and wintry, it also looks amazing.  Winding it along your staircase is another popular way to incorporate garland into your home and if your staircase is close to or in your foyer, when guests walk into your home, it will be a wonderful focal point. The image below also has ribbons tied in bows where the garland is at the highest peak; another one of my favorite decorating ideas.

Not a lot of garland is needed to make a large statement.  Mantles with a small amount of garland intertwined combined with other decorations such as nutcrackers and hurricane lamps with candles inside, can be a great accent decoration. Garland can also be used as a gateway from one room to the next by draping the strands of garland around the frame of the door or window. I am also loving the idea of having garland framed around the outside of your front door so when guests arrive; this is the first thing they notice when they walk up to your house.
How fun is the garland here in this image wrapped around the columns of the entryway? Adding lights to your garland will spice up your holiday decorations.  I am incorporating Christmas lights into my garland as it looks very festive and fun! Lights are not the only addition you can add into your garland.  Feel free to try an arts and crafts project with your kids and create fun holiday cut outs of reindeer and snowmen to add into the garland that is draped along the mantle or around the fireplace and stockings. This will get the kids involved and add a personal touch that they can be proud of too!
*One thing to keep in mind when decorating with garland for the holidays is to make sure to keep it away from anything very hot or an open flame. If you put garland around your fireplace, make sure the ends are cut or tucked away so they do not catch fire.
Happy Holidays and Happy Decorating!


Lavender and Lilies said...

I've always loved those white ribbons from that first image.

*Chic Provence* said...

Garlands of greenery are always perfect! Warm holiday wishes for all the Coles!


Anonymous said...

Wow those are such beautiful images. What a way to dress up your home.I want to use some of these great ideas.

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