Friday, January 21, 2011


The appeal of decorating with adds a rustic, warm, outdoor feel to the interior.It can also be a highly cost effective way to decorate if using old shutters.We are in need of a headboard in a guest bedroom. We're thinking this idea will work well!
 There are some questions though, that have presented themselves .Do we use the original color which is a dark green on the lines of Essex Green by Benjamin Moore or do we use a more suttle grey blue? We are leaning towards the grey blue. The next question - do we attach the shutters to the wall or the bed? Or both options? To the wall then attach the bed to the shutters.We do not have a rug on the floor so the bed is moving around very easily, it would be nice to have it attached.The next question is if using an old shutter do you have an issue with the paint peeling off? Boy for an inexpensive design solution there are a lot of questions but of course that is all included in the proccess.No one said this job was easy right? We pulled some inspiration pictures to help us figure out what look we love best. What do you all think?

We hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Images compliments of: Veranda, Coastal Living, Barbara Garfield


Melissa said...

I just love this look! I think it would be pretty in a beach house or in the mountains for a more rustic look. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the new makeover :) have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You've got to try it! I bed if you fasten it to the wall and get a rug you'd be ALL set! Happy Weekend!

Simple Dwellings said...

I love the rustic simplicity of the shutters! Great idea as a headboard. I like the idea of using the blue/gray color! Personally, I'm always drawn to the serene choice of blue/gray in a bedroom. And securing the shutters to the wall is a great idea! And if you don't want to permanently secure the bed to the shutters, maybe you can try rubber stoppers under the bed frame? Please check out my latest blog entry "A Serene Retreat" for other bedroom pics! said...

All such lovely photos! I adore that little dog statue in the first one.
Have a great weekend, ladies!

Rene said...

I do love old shutters and the rustic touch they can give a room. Great images!


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