Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chic Coles MUST Haves

We were tagged by the sweet Chic Greek to share
the five things that we absolutely cannot leave the house without.
Of course we each had different takes. Check out our picks below!

1. Mascara- clinique warm water removal- there is nothing to make your

eyes look bigger and brighter than mascara!
2. Lip-gloss- my favorite is the Dior Lip glow that Responds to the
color chemistry of your lips and creates a lip color that is uniquely
your own...love it!

3. iPad- mini computer on the go! I am constantly googling things,

writing emails and watching Netflix on the go!
4. Cute hair things- I like to change the way I wear my hair during
the day so I cannot leave the house without a plethora of clips,
headbands and hair ties. I never know the style I want to express!
5. My Purse- the Butterfly sericulture from Angel Jackson is my
favorite purse...today! I work at DesignerSocial (a handbag company)
so I am constantly changing purses.

1. A hat of some type - I seem to wear them all year long.
In winter for warmth and summer for shade.

2. My Michael Kors sunglasses - 
I can be stylish even on an off day! What a lifesaver.

3. Keys to the car-because with out them I will not get very far (;

4. Lipstick-my favorite is Laura Mercier Peony
5. Index card with all my lists and notes (I'd be lost with out them)

1. Olivina Honeysuckle Rose hand lotion - 
not only is a savior for my hands, it smells fabulous!

2. Scarf of some sort - San Francisco weather, always a-changin'

3. My Tortoise Ray Bans - they are awesome! 
4. Blackberry Curve - I would be lost without it...
5. My Gallery Leather Planners - In this day and age of hand held
devices, some may find it silly to still have a hard copy planner - 
there is just something special about being able to look at years past -
it's like a journal of sorts. 

We are tagging the following uber talented Chic Bloggers: You're it!

Thanks again Chic Greek - we love your blog!


Anonymous said...

This is great will have to try some of the fun makeup.Can see you girls running out the door.

A Delightful Design said...

Thanks for sharing! This was so fun to get a peak into your individual lives.

What's Delicious? said...

Now I have new mascara (obsessed) and lipsticks to try - love it. jennie t.


Emily said...

Thanks ladies!! Now I have to come up with my favorites. There may be too many to list!

Chic Geek said...

Thanks so much for participating ladies! I love your picks and HAVE to try the Dior lip glow!

Lisa said...

Yikes! I'm it? I better dump everything out of my purse & pick. This will be tough...
Thanks girls!
xo Lisa

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