Monday, February 21, 2011

A Few New Etsy Loves

Happy President's to you all! Hope that you all have the day off!

During my searches for some new art, I've been checking out Etsy, which is an amazing source for everything; especially gorgeous pieces from these extremely creative folks who I've added to my favorites!

The very talented Marnie B. Karger creates these
 beautiful layered papercut pieces.
Lake Minnetonka
Lake Superior

San Francisco Bay -
The boyfriend got this for me as a Valentine's Gift! So sweet.

I am flipping obsessed with Andy's architectural watercolor and pencil pieces. 


"Column Composite"


Karen M. O'Leary creates these gorgeous and unique pieces
comprised of only thin vertical black
ink lines to create these city grids.
"San Francisco"

I might just have to create a gallery wall so that I 
have a reason for all these beautiful pieces!

Do you have an Etsy favorite?


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Seriously, every time I go there I have new favorites. What a great resource for everyone!!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful art work. Your wall of art would be so funl. Pillows are a favorite Esty find for me.

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