Friday, February 25, 2011

Home Improvement: The Remake of a Chair

About a year ago I bought the above chair off of Craigslist for about $25. It's not in terrible shape but I cat had not been it's friend a few times and so the chair could use a makeover. With a student budget and the possibility of moving on the horizon said makeover was not in the plan; but now out of school and in a place we love for at least another 2 years I decided it was time!

And I decided to go big or go luckily I have some Sky Beads fabric from Hable Construction and that will be used for the main upholstery while the blue solid fabric will be the contrast welt! I've been saving my pretty pennies to be able to do this, so with a few more nickels and dimes I think I should be able to swing it. 

Only question is...should I go for the contrast welt or just do the self welt with the Sky Beads?!


Chic Geek said...

Absolutely go for contrast! It will add so much visual interest and look waaaaay custom! How exciting! I can't wait for the after pics!

Chic Done Cheap said...

I vote for the contrast!

Happy Friday,

-Chic Done Cheap

Ashley said...

A third vote for contrasting welting. The chair is going to look fantastic when it's done!

Design Junkie said...

I love the Hable's prints and I love contrast welting! Can't wait to see your chair.

Hamptontoes said...

Great find! A contrasting welt would be gorgeous and give the chair even more intrigue.

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