Monday, February 28, 2011

Style Icon-Jennifer Aniston's Perfume

Do you have a style icon? For me that person is Jennifer Aniston-I love and adore everything she wears, whether it's casual, formal wear or business casual - I can't get enough! Because of the fact that I think everything she does is amazing I was sure that I would totally love her perfume. And I had such faith in this I ordered it off Sephora - it's not in stores yet. 
It came in beautiful packaging and the bottle itself is so classic and gorgeous. Well as soon as I possibly I could I spritz it - and I was shocked and disappointed. The smell was extremely overwhelming and way too florally sweet. I was totally bummed! Cut to ten minutes later...I was in love with it. The perfume is perfectly feminine with a beachy element to it. 
And this ad is perfect proof that she wanted the whole vibe of the perfume to be lade back, beachy, she looks amazing!!! 


Melissa said...

I am dying to try this! Love Jennifer as of my favorite style icons!

JMW said...

A friend of mine received it for Valentine's Day, when her hubby pre-ordered it for her. I'm dying to find out how it smells.

Anonymous said...

Went to Sephora tonight to look for the perfume but they did not have it. Was really looking forward to trying it.

Lisa said...

Oh gosh you have got to be in heaven. I remember when I interviewed you all, one of you if not all are loyal JA fans.
Will have to look aroung this small town of ours and see if I can find it.
xoxo Lisa

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