Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Color-Block Window Panels

Last week Cassandra posted {here} about the new editor at Architectural Digest and posted a picture of this month's cover. The room was gorgeous, sophisticated and right up my alley, but the thing that stood out to me as my favorite element were the window treatments with the color-block panels. I am drawn towards the neutral panels with a bold color block accent color, however, I also really love a neutral panel with neutral accent. Which is your favorite combination?

{Dwell Studio} will let you custom design the colors you want your panels to be. 
Their website will let you play around with colors and fabrics to select the perfect custom combination. 
Above is my selection of white paneling with graphite color blocking on the bottom border.

These window panels from {Bed Bath and Beyond} are an inexpensive way to incorporate color blocking into a room.
{West Elm} also carries a variety of colors and materials with color block detailing: 

Architectural Digest


What's Delicious? said...

What great inspiration! I tend to pick neutral colors and doing color blocked panels is a great way to keep it interesting. Thanks for sharing. jennie t.


designchic said...

The Architectural Digest room is stunning...love the neutral tones!!

Interior Design Musings said...

Absolutely love the look of the color blocks. Such a dramatic look for a room. M.

A Delightful Design said...

That AD room is beyond gorgeous. I love all the details. Color blocking is not my usual go-to look, but I like how it's used here!

Anonymous said...

Those drapes are so pretty and would add height and style to any room.I really like the color way of the first pair.

Sarah stock said...

Just bought some like these, silver with darker silver at the bottoms. Target! I think they were 30$ a panel. 

bomm said...

The AD room is very beautiful, but I think it would be easy for color-blocked panels to look wrong, or at least kind of random. The AD color blocks are very precisely placed to highlight other aspects of the window. And they also mirror the many soft geometrical patterns in the room. (I recently spent a fortune on curtains I ended up hating, so I am now obsessed with trying to analyze what works or doesn't.)

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