Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kitchen Dining

Kitchen dining is an absolute must if you have the room. Even the smallest table and a few chairs will work. Just somewhere in the room to put the mail down, grab a quick meal with family, or coffee in the morning. These two images show some easy tricks to fit into small spaces. This old antique in the corner of the kitchen can be moved out to accommodate more seating and then can be pushed back out of the way. The second image incorporates stools around a kitchen table which adds height to the space and takes up a much smaller area of the kitchen because the design is taller rather than wider.

*Images compliments of: Mrs. Howard


The enchanted home said...

Agreed and sometimes its the smaller spaces that are in fact the coziest and most inviting. Its all about the right scale and accessorizing to create an intimate look to the the examples you used!

Ashley said...

The collection of transferware in the first image is so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love how cozy that second image looks!

classic • casual • home said...

Have you seen the counter height Carrara marble topped table from Crate and Barrel? It would act as more counter space, too.
In my daughter's tiny Lower East Side apartment we used the folding metal table from Ballard...very French.
Following you.

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