Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning

With Spring comes the inevitable "Spring Cleaning". 
It's a great feeling to refresh the home. 
Each of us have our own way in which we create this annual ritual.
 For me, I like to keep it simple.
 I love switching out pillow covers and sheets for a light fresh feel.

This is the best cleaning product line out there. 
Not only do all the products work well but they all smell like heaven.
I am a true Basil Scent fan but am looking forward
to trying out the Rosemary!

Another important element of Spring Cleaning is 
refreshing your make-up stash! Although not the 
easiest on the old wallet, great alternatives like this brush set
from Target make it a little bit easier to do. We Cole Girls swear by
the Becca Ultimate Mascara -it's a warm water removal :) -

What's your spring cleaning tradition?!


The enchanted home said...

Spring cleaning for me is throwing open all the windows (weather permitting) turning the mattresses, I always buy my new bedding in the spring....and always be sure to have small arrangements of fresh flowers in my bedroom, kitchen, and foyer. I also am into room sprays and have two favorite scents, one hydrangea and the other ocean mist, that get sprayed everywhere once the flowers are in place and the fresh sheets are put on! Ahhh.......

Ashley said...

I get such a thrill out of spring cleaning and LOVE Mrs. Meyers, especially the baby line (no, I don't have children, but love the Mrs. Meyers scent)!

Melissa said...

I want those brushes! What fun! I love spring cleaning...must be my ocd, but I like to switch out my winter clothes for my summer ones, change purses and pillows!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love Mrs. Meyers....such great smelling products!

As far as spring cleaning.....everything gets moved, so I can clean in those dust bunny spots. Windows get cleaned...and once my window boxes are feels like the house is ready!!

Anonymous said...

Wow those sheets are so pretty with the green pillow.You got those brushes at target? Really so fun. Meyers is the best and it lasts longer than most liquid dish liquids.

style'n said...

such a great reminder to clean my brushes..and maybe even pick up a few more. Those ones you featured are so cute!

designchic said...

I'm obsessed with all things Mrs. to Spring clean!!

Julie said...

That basil spray is amazing! I'm also recently obsessed with their Meyer lemon hand soap, have you tried that? So fresh and clean smelling!

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