Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Folding Screens


via Chic Coles

Whether you have a door you want to hide or a room to divide, a folding screen is also the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to add a little something extra to a room. I especially like the look of a folding screen in the corner of a large bedroom or living room to break up the corners of the room. 


Ashley said...

Oh, you are reading my mind. I've been wanted to reupholster a folding screen as a headboard for my guest bedroom, but haven't found a good secondhand one that fits the bill...so much inspiration here!

Anonymous said...

Folding screens add so much to an interior, height and design. I would love to have one to hide boxes behind. Really like the last image.

Anonymous said...

I found one at a yard sale. My mom put it on her extra large screened in front porch.

Valerie Wills Interiors said...

I loved the screen in Elle Decor this month that was covered in old maps! I love screen too!

Simple Dwellings said...

Great roundup of screens! They add such depth to a space and act as a very stylish room divider! The Stephan antique screen is my favorite! :)

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