Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun Feathers!

My new favorite fashion accessory are feather earrings. Shown here in different styles (I have the first and third pair) they are popping up in most stores and online retailers. Although i was wary of the trend at first, I have found that with my long hair and more natural selection of earrings, I am becoming more and more obsessed with them and wear them every day! Some have very bright feathers others more natural colors but I personally favor mine with the rosary beads. I normally have a very preppy way of dressing but these feather earrings add a little bohemian chic to my style!

These earrings are available {here}



The enchanted home said...

I think we can thank Steven Tyler for helping to bring this back, I think for some on the right person with the right outfit, this could look really neat!

Ashley said...

I wish I was bold enough to pull these off...!

Anonymous said...

Those earing are so pretty with your hair.So natural.

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