Monday, May 16, 2011

Hess Surfboards

Hess Surfboards is a local (San Francisco that is) surfboard company based on recyclable
 and sustainable practices. Not only are the boards built with an emphasis on both strength and performance but they are so incredibly beautiful! Danny Hess (the cutie above)
 integrates materials that have a low environmental impact. 

As I'm not a surfer, I can't quite appreciate the boards for their performance,
 but only for their beauty! 

The boards are so gorgeous that I think I would love to incorporate 
them into my home as art. The natural wood effect of them is what really 
catches my eye. Be sure to check out their  beautiful website!


Karena said...

It is so great to see this kind of business and to see the artisan at work! They a wonderfully beautiful surfboards!

Art by Karena

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JMW said...

Those are some really cool boards. Makes me want to take up surfing!

designchic said...

I completely agree...have always thought they would be wonderful in a beach house as art!!

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