Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matthew Heller

By now, most of us have seen Courtney Cox's house in the July 2011 issue of Elle Decor. If you 
haven't, check it out. It's fantastic! But the thing that stood out to me the most 
was her fantastic art collection, including this amazing piece by Matthew Heller. 

What's really funny is that I pinned this piece earlier today. I love word art! When I went to look
up Matthew, I realized that he had done both of the pieces, and I had NO idea! 

He creates these fantastic pieces of art using lyrics from songs we all know and love. 
They are featured in his Homage to Music series. I think it's genius! 

"Heaven" - song by Bryan Adams

"Against All Odds" - song originally by Phil Collins,
remake by The Postal Service

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monticello in the Virginia Countryside

Imagine it is the mid 1700's and you are invited to visit the well known and respected Thomas Jefferson; well, feast your eyes upon the place you would be visiting him...Monticello is in the countryside of Virginia near the University of Virginia.  This is exactly what we saw when we took a detour to Monticello last month.
     Some of the highlights of the tour and visit for us were the house and beautiful grounds. The tour of the house started in the hall of Monticello, and as we walked in we noticed the green painted floor, then on to additional rooms; one was painted a lovely blue and the dining room was a stunning yellow.The last bedroom on the first floor was octagon shaped with wallpaper in a trellis motif. In the Jefferson library there was a very large collection of books. A large number of them extremely small. This has inspired us to start our own collection of tiny books.
   Melissa and I were both impressed by the design of the north and south pavilions. Of course there is a wealth of design inspiration and knowledge to be gained from Jefferson Monticello, these are just a sampling that stood out to us on the tour.
   Melissa is now deep into the history of Jefferson and Monticello. This book is enlightening her at the moment and it is sure to be passed round to all of us girls.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ken Fulk's Dressed Up Victorian

The harmony between classic Victorian and a fresh San Francisco 
take on it from local designer, Ken Fulk, really make this gorgeous home
pop as a favorite. 

The nontraditional white exterior with the red door 
immediately grab your attention when cruising by. 

Ken and his client decided on a palate of black and white, 
with elements of navy blue. In the article, featured in House Beautiful, Ken
speaks of his usual choose of color, but with this interior he went in the opposite
direction. We think it's fantastic. 

The house has such a clean fresh feeling, with the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. 
The kitchen is heaven and all of the light fixtures throughout are perfect. 
Can you tell we're fans of the house?!

The black and white striped wall is such a great statement. 

And we can't help but get a kick out of the light fixture 
in this bathroom. Isn't it a hoot?

Ken did such an amazing job! All of the images are in the inspiration folders
and will be added to the old Pinterest account

Happy Monday to you all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Circa Lighting and South of Market

When Melissa and I headed out from our hotel in Charleston, we had no idea what we would have been stumbling upon. So when we turned the corner onto king street and walked right into Circa lighting you could understand our excitement. We had visited them at High Point Market and of course loved them there and are always so exited to visit and view their extraordinary products. The showroom is small and intimate with a fantastically friendly staff, who gave use a great guide of the beautiful city. We were also extremely interested to learn that Circa light and Visual comfort are all in the same family!

Our next stop in Charleston was South of Market, down the street from Circa Lighting. Of course, we jumped right out of the car and ran right in...and were so excited! We realized we should have tried to find them in Atlanta, when we were there the day before, however it was still fun to see the store in Charleston! We loved that the store categorized the furniture and accessories based on color! Greens and yellows, blues and pinks, which was similar to what we saw when we went to Pieces. Our favorite items were the blue and green chairs, as well as all of the pillows throughout the store.

Thank you Circa Lighting and South of Market for having us to your stores, we loved them!

*Images compliments of Chic Coles

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Perfect Kitchen

What does your perfect kitchen look like?

Is it small, large, modern, traditional, lots of wood, lots of color?
We all save images away as inspiration. But what is it that makes 
us say, that's it?! That's what I would love to have. 

It's a feeling and that feeling is exactly what I got when I saw this
kitchen by Charlie Barnett Associates. The kitchen redo they did
is light, small, but not too small and is minimal with not a lot of fuss. Just 
the way I envision my perfect kitchen being. 

So what kind of kitchen gives you that perfect feeling?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Soft Blue Pallet & New Artwork

This is a bedroom we have in our house in New Hampshire. The bedroom has just been adorned with a beautiful new painting by Elise Allen. It was a very special gift given to me for a present. How could Elise have known the perfect color grey blue to paint the bamboo painting to have it work so well in this bedroom? It looks stunning in this space. Elise is working on a series of bamboo paintings that you can view on her site.


Melissa and I were so surprised to find some of Elise's Art work at Agora on Magazine street in New Orleans. She has painted them in this beautiful soft  blue grey with creamy swirls and blocks of stripes.

*Images compliments of Chic Coles

Monday, June 20, 2011

Customize It!

When I saw these featured on Lonny's Blog - Trend Alert: Hit the Gym 
I immediately clicked over to the website! This fantastic 
site features this fantastic custom yoga mat. 
My Custom Yoga Mat features tons of colors and a 
different assortment of monogramming options. I really think these
would make a fantastic present for a friend, mom or sister!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gorgeous and Feminine Apartment

Have you all see Alaina's gorgeous apartment?! 
We are LOVING all of the greys mixed with blush pinks. It is 
every bit perfect feminine! Without giving too much away, because you
really should go and check it out on her blog, we provided
a few sneak peaks here. 
Congrats Alaina on a beautiful living room! 
We can't wait to see the rest!

All images from Live Creating Yourself