Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monticello in the Virginia Countryside

Imagine it is the mid 1700's and you are invited to visit the well known and respected Thomas Jefferson; well, feast your eyes upon the place you would be visiting him...Monticello is in the countryside of Virginia near the University of Virginia.  This is exactly what we saw when we took a detour to Monticello last month.
     Some of the highlights of the tour and visit for us were the house and beautiful grounds. The tour of the house started in the hall of Monticello, and as we walked in we noticed the green painted floor, then on to additional rooms; one was painted a lovely blue and the dining room was a stunning yellow.The last bedroom on the first floor was octagon shaped with wallpaper in a trellis motif. In the Jefferson library there was a very large collection of books. A large number of them extremely small. This has inspired us to start our own collection of tiny books.
   Melissa and I were both impressed by the design of the north and south pavilions. Of course there is a wealth of design inspiration and knowledge to be gained from Jefferson Monticello, these are just a sampling that stood out to us on the tour.
   Melissa is now deep into the history of Jefferson and Monticello. This book is enlightening her at the moment and it is sure to be passed round to all of us girls.


The enchanted home said...

Beautiful recap! I am supposed to be going next month when I go visit my family in VA and cannot wait for my little "road trip" which I have been craving....such beauty here.
PS Stop by, doing a great giveaway for a signed book

JMW said...

We drove through Charlottesville a few weeks ago and wish we had time to stop at Monticello. Those grounds are beautiful!

Megan said...

I adored Monticello when we visited last year; how about that yellow paint in the dining room area? I could't get over how much he paid for that all the way back then! I'm doing to have to check out this book; thanks for sharing!

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