Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original Ways

Back before we had the wonder that is Pinterest, there was scanning
and cropping and saving in our "files". 

I still have my inspiration binder, filled with torn out pages of
magazines. It's fun to flip through, its like a magazine of your favorite things!
Tonight, I did just that and came across this spread from Cottage Living. 
Torn out before even enrolling in school to get my degree for Interior Design, 
it bring backs memories of the amazement that I felt. And I still love it, 
the cottagey-cozy feeling. 

So this post is about doing things the original way. Do you still
tear pages from magazines? Or just save to your virtual folders?


Simple Dwellings said...

Wow- these images are amazing! I still tear out pages from magazines too! I found great file folders at Target, and I separate them by room. But, I also have a virtual file started. It's safe to say I need to organize a bit better- I feel like I have images everywhere! :)

Jelanie said...

Wow this interior is so cozy!
The bedroom is stunning!

Anonymous said...

I am still trying to learn to scan. A little bit behind the times. What a beautiful and cozy house.

Julie @ Chapman Interiors said...

SUCH a great home,... funny you picked it out so long ago. There's something wonderful about our very first inclines towards design. I absolutely still tear-out images from magazines and have an inspiration folder. Love it. And the homes that I've had for years in there, I still love. Which proves that style is innate. SO fun. Love the topic ladies!

I'm die-hard for real magazines and flipping though catalogs. In-person is so much better than virtual.


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