Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reader Request-Octopus Print

We have had a couple of readers email us the other day 
requesting information about the octopus print from our portfolio below:
This print was a custom made print and bit pricey...

but this print is an affordable option at $35 for each panel from allposters.com
These prints come in multiple colors and you can frame them as well!
(there is also a similar print by Mecox Gardens for $3,750).


Interior Design Musings said...

Nice alternative! M.

Anonymous said...

Love the triptych for my kids playroom. I would like it framed, but not sure what to use. The company provides several alternatives. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Marisa

Anonymous said...

Would Love to put the triptych in the kids playroom. However, I would like it framed. The company has several different frames, any suggestions?
Thanks for the post!

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