Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Watercolor, Florida

I'm spending the week in Watercolor, Florida, a community in the northwestern part of Florida.  For someone who loves architecture and interior design it is so fun to be able to ride my bike along the small streets here and just wonder what the interiors of these houses look like. Along with the house i'm staying at, which is absolutely gorgeous, I am sure most of the houses here are beachy and nautical...since they are right near the beach. This style of interior is my absolute favorite and I am drawn to anything navy and white, along with shells and cool interiors. 
I have collected a few of my favorite images from a couple of houses in Watercolor.

*All images compliments of Beach Group Properties


The enchanted home said...

And what a collection it is! Those first two photos are utter perfection..WOW!!

designchic said...

I always say I want a beach house just to be able to decorate it...these images are gorgeous. Adore the neutral relaxed feel. Hope you have a great week!!

pretty pink tulips said...

Watercolor looks like my kind of town. What a beautiful place to spend some relaxing time!!!

xo Elizabeth

Kari said...

Just got back from installing a house in Watercolor, such an amazingly beautiful area. Have fun!!!

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