Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One wall of wallpaper

Last night we were looking at houses for sale up in Bass Harbor and North East Harbor Maine, the whole Mount Desert area at large. Being in the interior design business, of course the details of the photographed rooms stood out. What colors are the walls, is there wallpaper, what style of bed is most prominently used, curtains, furniture, lighting?  One of the most important elements that stood out to us is the color on the walls and how it photographs. It seems that we study how a room is photographed a lot around here. We have found that rooms with wallpaper really are exceedingly beautiful and photograph very well.  Rooms look alive, interesting, and vibrant, so much more than simply painting the walls. So if the budget will not afford a full room of wallpaper try just one wall and see how much more interesting your room will be.

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Gramercy Home said...

We're sort of on the same page today! I was featuring Ginkgo wallpaper and that first image I love!!! Great post ;)
Happy Wednesday! said...

Love the different patterned wallpaper and colors!!

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Sandra said...

Nice blog!
You have a new follower :)

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