Monday, August 29, 2011

Will & Grace

Over the weekend I came down with a wicked cold
so I hunkered down and ended up watching a bit of Will & Grace.
It was a blast from the past, having not seen it since probably High School. 
What really blew me away was Will's apartment, with elements
of traditional and a perfect masculine feeling. The leather, blues and 
oriental rugs mixed with layers of artwork really set the tone.

Hope everyone weathered Irene with not too
much damage and that everyone is safe!


The Vintique Object said...

Oh wow, wow, wow! I haven't seen this show in ages either, but I had no idea (in my early 20s) how fabulous that interior was. Ok, I knew it was great, but not THAT great. I'm going to have to find some old episodes so I can study it!

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