Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chic Coles Love List

Below is a collection of some images I took of what I am 
calling my "Love List" consisting of five thing that are
currently making me happy!

1. Dabney Lee Lucite Tray- Out went the books and in went my new lucite tray! 
I love the beachy feel it has with the coral and mini votive candle
2. My new Tory Burch wedges that give me a few inches 
and will be perfect for my trip to Hawaii
3. Beautiful flowers my boyfriend surprised me with and 
he even placed them on the mantle in front 
of my Elise Allen painting...he's a keeper!
4. Love the bright colors and boxes
that house my stationary

5. My monogram lucite catch-all that has 
found a happy home on my dresser

*Images compliments of Chic Coles


Dreamy Spaces said...

Really loving that tray!

Anonymous said...

Wow those wedges are so fun! Really loving the new lucite tray and the catch all box. Great finds.

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