Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Interior Design Lesson {Fireplace}

I have just started taking courses to become an Interior Decorator. 
I thought I would share some of the things along the way that I find are important for everyone to know; not just those of us who are interested in Interior Design/Decorating but for those who are interested in elements within our homes/apartments or even for those of us who enjoy beautiful things and want to at least know their names!
Therefore I figured having the terminology for a fireplace would be a good way to start. I live in New Orleans and I have two fireplaces...no they will never be used, but they are aesthetically pleasing all the same. 

Hearth- The surface in front of the fireplace. It is usually made of slate, marble, brick, stone or some other fireproof material. The hearth protects the floor from sparks. 
Firebox- The space in which the fire burns. It is usually faced with fire-resistant brick, called firebrick, or it may be made from a heat-resistant steel. The smoke from the firebox rises through to the chimney flue. 
Breast- The body of the fireplace that extends out into the room. The reason it protrudes is because it provides space for the chimney to go up inside the wall. 
Mantel- The decorative front of the fireplace, including the shelf on top that is called the mantel shelf.
Facing- The facade that fills the space between the decorative mantel and the firebox.

Not every fireplace will have all of these details, as likes and dislikes, style and space all differ. 

*Definitions and first image compliments of Sheffield School, all other images from Houzz


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your studies, how exciting! those fireplace photo's are so beautiful.

Kathysue said...

Very good lesson!! I am in love with the second image, just gorgeous. Kathysue

Heather Hays said...

Awesome Melissa!!!!

Pawleys Island Posh said...

Pretty awesome to scroll through your awesome blog and then see my living room! Even more exciting is that my husband built that entire mantel from scratch. You should have seen the ugly nonsense it was when we bought the house. Xoxox

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