Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend in Miami

This past weekend, the Cole family packed up and headed to Miami, Florida to bring the youngest sister down to college! She will be attending a culinary school down there and has already started her baking and pastry classes. The downside of our trip? Saying goodbye to the baby of the family and realizing that mom and dad are now empty nesters. The upside? A beautiful weekend in the fun Miami sun. We went to the beach, shopping, walking along the marina, ate at a bunch of fun restaurants and soaked up a few last summer rays. (For Leslie, the sun has just begun. For those of us heading North, we are saying goodbye to palm trees and hello to falling leaves).
The city of Miami has a distinct culture and atmosphere that influence all of its surroundings, and Miami's hotels are no exception. The following two hotels are on my list...if and only if I had a magic genie. 
via Four Seasons

Via Gansevoort Miami

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!


Ashley said...

Miami: what a fun way to spend Labor Day together! Even though she's far away, just think of how great a mid-winter visit to Miami will be!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful city. We hope Leslie has a wonderful time at school and wish her well.

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