Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Candlesticks & Drip Catchers

I was so excited when my grandmother gave me a set of drip catchers 
(otherwise known as Bobeche) for Christmas. They sit on the top of candlesticks 
and catch the wax from candles so they don't drip onto the surface below. 
I am so excited to find the perfect pair of candlesticks
to pair with my drip catchers.


Anonymous said...

Love all of these! I've been trying to find some candlesticks for my own home. Thank you for the suggestions!

Kathysue said...

I love the first pair of candlesticks for an instant pop of color in a room. I think these would make any space look fresh and current. The Tiffany candlesticks are classics. happy Wednesday,

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful.My candles could use these. How hard is dripped wax to clean up! These are so pretty and would dress up a dining table.

Home Designer said...

The crystal by Tiffany is my choice. But I love the rest too. Lovely!

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