Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Fashion show

What fun the Golden Globe are!  Everyone looked like they were having a blast. 
So many smiles and laughs. The fashion is always a fun element of the show. The girls and I all talk throughout the E! Red carpet and the show itself. We have selected some of our favorites from the night. Drum roll please...

Elle Mcpherson

Jessica Alba

Reese Witherspoon

Sofia Vergara

Natalie Portman

Nicole Richie

Sarah Hyland

Heidi Klum

Kate Winslet

Charlize Theron

Viola Davis

Leonardo DiCaprio
Next up the Oscars!


Taylor Greenwalt said...

Now that was a fun post!

Chic Coles said...

Thanks Taylor! Thanks for stopping by!

alicia said...

everyone looked SO gorgeous! sofia is my favorite.

Jalon Burton said...

Beautiful evening... beautiful people, beautiful photos, beautiful post!

Thanks for giving us the run-down (especially since I missed the Red Carpet and that is my favorite part of award shows!)

Simple Dwellings said...

I loved Heidi Klum's simple and elegant look! And Charlize Theron looked beautiful too! Great picks!

The enchanted home said...

I thought Jessica and Charlize rocked it. Wasn't feeling Reese's look on her, I think to pull off a dress like that you need to be taaaalllll. But loved her hair so it makes up for it:) Great list and fun recap.

Chic Coles said...

Those two were my favorite too and I think Reese looked preggo in her dress but her hair and makeup looked amazing so it did make up for it!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

pretty pink tulips said...

You definitely highlighted some of my favorites! I think Charlize looked absolutely she was born for this!!

And loved seeing my fav guy, George Clooney, win a Golden Globe!

xo Elizabeth

Heather Hays said...

Heidi Klum's necklace was my favorite! Love that classic style is appreciated again - great picks!

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