Saturday, January 28, 2012

A little blog talk...Comments

Here at Chic Coles, we go wild over comments. We read every single one, text each other about who said what and just obsess over the love we get for the hard work we put into our posts. 

But did you ain't easy commenting when you don't have a google blog!?

I went to post a comment on a blog the other day, not as Chic Coles, but as Melissa Cole and since I don't have a blog associated with my personal gmail account, it wouldn't let me comment just as a gmail account holder. It kept prompting me to start a you, Chic Coles, but one blog is enough for me!

So I realized for those of you out there without a blog with something to say, you can in fact leave a comment on our blog that isn't an anonymous comment!

You can put your name and your website (that isn't a google blog) into the 
boxes provided and click publish your comment...voilé your comment is published!

Hope this is helpful and thanks again to all the wonderful readers out there
who comment on Chic Coles!


Design is... All in the Detail said...

The more comments the better, right? It makes us bloggers feel so much love!
Have a wonderful weekend, girls.

3 Peanuts said...

I always comment from my blog but this is good to know and perhaps I will pass this along to my readers too. I do not allow anonymous comments because unfortunately over 5 years of blogging, I did get some hateful and plain cruel anon comments. We do all love comments. It let's us know that we are touching our readers in some way right?

Have a great weekend.

RooneyRobisonAntiques said...

Ah HA! YOU DID IT! Answered what pains me daily! I blog for others and often want to comment from THAT perspective, always THOUGHT I had to chime in as CrushParty! YAY, I LOVE let's see if this works! :D

Champagne'sCrushParty said...

Ok, waiting to see me as RRA! and off to reblog this post everywhere! Bless your blogging heart!

Kathysue said...

Thank you so much I did not know that and I have had people tell me they want to comment but don't want to set up a google account nor do they have a blog, this is very helpful and I am going to pass the information along, Kathysue

kathysue said...

testing, Just had to see how this will work for my non blog commenters. Thanks! KS

Haus and Home said...

My mom said the same thing, she wanted to post but was confused how to! I need to share this with her.

kitchen ideas said...

i would like to say thank you about this cool post,and this idea very helpful to me,
Thank You

Abby said...

Thanks so much for calling this out! I am an avid blog reader but don't actually have a blog myself. I just like to follow along with what all of you fabulous and creative design bloggers share everyday. I would love to comment more but it is not always easy, as you point out. Thanks again for the tip and for your wonderful blog.

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