Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Guest Post {Sara of Blue Blinds Media}

Today we're excited to have Sara of Blue Blinds Media, one of our sponsors,
talking about some great new tools for bloggers and readers!

I'm thrilled to be guest blogging on Chic Coles today, despite the fact that I have no design background or experience! Like you, I'm sure, Chic Coles is the blog I turn to get my daily dose of creative inspiration through beautiful photographs and dynamic colors. As a professional blogger and social media manager, the tools that I use to organize my ideas and thoughts are the same ones that designers and visual artists of all types can use to organize their work spaces, projects, or even manage their blogs. 

My go-to resource these days for my own site, as well as while working on projects for my clients, are Dropbox, Visual Thesaurus, and Pinterest. 

 Dropbox is a great way to share and manage all types of files and media; from 
photographs and videos, to email and word documents, just drag and drop the
material into file folders that you create. Then when you are feeling not-so creative
you have a stored stash of great material just a click away. You can also share your folders
with friends, as well as accessing them on your mobile device, so your great ideas are always with you. 

Visual Thesaurus is a link I discovered a few months ago. The Visual Thesaurus Thinkmap is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus which creates word maps that blossom with meaning and branch to related words. Visual Thesaurus works like your brain, linking words and meanings so you can have a richer word experience and write more dynamically.

Pinterest, accodring to their web site, is a Virtual Pinboard. It lets you organize and 
share all the beautiful and inspirational things you find on the web, and then follow the 
Pinboards of other members. Pinterest is a great way to organize design projects, 
create a virtual wardrobe (before you buy the real one!) or even plan a vacation. 

Whether you are a designer or artist or wordsmith, or just like being creative, I think
you will find all of these sites and programs to be great resources. 


5th and State said...

thank you! i must have been hiding under....something....as i did not know about dropbox or visual thesaurus. sounds like the remedy for my scattered thoughts and lack of files

designchic said...

I love learning about all of these new to me tools. Pinterest is a visual feast and totally addicting, but I haven't started my own. Thanks for all of the great info!!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

My husband was just talking about drop box. He is installing it into my computer..Thanks for sharing new tools.

p-l-a-i-d said...

I just used visual thesaurus for my post!

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