Friday, February 10, 2012

HB Graphics - Energetic & Playful

We absolutely adore House Beautiful! And the March 2012 issue is no different. 
They knocked it out of the park this month. The greens are absolutely gorgeous. 
But what really grabs our attention in this issue are the graphics! 
Each new section is started with fun type faces and unbelievably 
energetic, playful spreads. 

Our scans really don't do it justice. 
You've got to pick up a copy for yourselves!

Happy weekend ya'll! 
Hope you're doing something fun!


Haus and Home said...

How perfect showcasing greens for March for St Patty's Day! Someone else showcased a green front door today!

Karena said...

I will get a copy right away! I love the colors I'm seeing!

Art by Karena

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Oooo this looks fab! And I agree, HB always use great fonts!

Erica said...

I will definitely have to pick this one up. I used to have a subscription... not sure what happened to that.
Thanks for popping by Moth Design. I don't make the rounds as much anymore... it made my day to see you there and to pop over here. xoxo

designchic said...

Gorgeous greens for sure...beautiful issue!! Hope you have a great weekend ~

Taylor Greenwalt said...

i cant wait to pick up a copy. I love when the type is creative. It up dates it so much.

Kathysue said...

I got mine the other day. I plan on a cup of tea and a good read this weekend!! Happy weekend,

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