Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Skirts

Nothing makes a woman feel more feminine 
than a spring day and a breezy, flirty skirt!
Whether you're wearing them with heels or with flats
for a casual day around town, we love 
a good skirt. These are our top picks for this spring!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Palmer Weiss Interior Design

 Palmer Weiss is on the list of Traditional Home designers to watch in 2012. 
She is always on the top list of designers. Her work is so fresh and exciting. 
As soon as we see her name, we know the interior will be extraordinary! 
Palmer Weiss is a San Francisco based interior designer yet originally hails from 
Charleston SC. Her design sense incorporates a beautiful style of tradition 
and formality but with a playful electric edge and influence from her southern heritage.
We are looking forward to seeing what she does next to wow the design world.

*Images compliments of Palmer Weiss

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to Wonderland

My dad sent these images of a rental property in 
Chelsea in West London. They are absolutely stunning and 
oh how I would love to be headed to the 2012 Summer Olympics, 
just to stay in this unbelievable home! Take a look at this five bedroom, 
six bath, four story home with gorgeous terrace and a 60-foot backyard garden.

Thanks Dad!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Olivina Napa Valley

Not only does Olivina provide some of our favorite
products they are also the best gifts!
The company is in the Napy Valley and it's 
wonderful stocking up at Vintage Home, in
St. Helena. 
All of their scents are amazing, including fig, 
meyer lemon, lavender-bitter orange and classic olive. 
But we think the Honeysuckle Rose is absolutely heavenly!
They also have the cutest graphics on their website!
We love how fun and playful they are. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Miami Shore Club Hotel

Plans are being made for a trip to Miami. Needless to say could we all say thank you to
 Leslie for picking Miami to go to College. Do any of us have to question why Leslie is 
running back to jump on a plane to get back to this sunny oasis? 
We are all so excited about converging with her on the beach! 
The Shore Club Hotel is a destination on our list to visit. 
We could all use some relaxation, regrouping and together time. 
The sand in Miami is truly this white...And did we mention the water? Just amazing!

*Images Compliments of: Shore Club Hotel

Saturday, March 24, 2012

World Map Art by {Third Floor Design Studio}

I'm not sure if my love of world maps and travel stems from geography in third grade or 
if it's just the idea of visiting new places far from home, but these World Maps by 
on Etsy are definitely on my list of favorites!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Cool Succulent Pots

This is a little vignette I've been putting together in my bathroom, 
and I recently added these two new succulents. I tried an orchid
but it was too humid. But the succulents are loving it!

I love how they add a bit of contrast to the rather sweet Ellsworth Kelly
that I printed and framed, the Diptyque candle and the Seda France
room spray. Oh, and don't you love the bright blue tile in my 
rented apartment. It's gorgeous I know!

So I'm on the hunt for some cool pots to put the succulents in. 
Below are a few of my ideas. But I'm wondering if I should just go 
with simple white.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christina Murphy Interiors

We are having so much fun bringing you the Traditional Home Magazine 
Top Ten Designers to watch in 2012. Such talent and wonderful interiors to enjoy!
Christina Murphy is up next on the list. She is a New York City designer. 
Her career started at the dynamic firm of Kemble Interiors in 1999. 
The prime goal in designing for her clients is to show their style and interests 
comfortably, with a balance between the beautiful and practical. 
She definitely has done this with her interiors. 
We love her use of geometric and bold designs seen in tiles, rugs and art work.

*Images Compliments of: Christina Murphy