Friday, March 2, 2012

Want to Live in This House? 3.2.2012 Addition

One of the reasons we love this house so much, 
is that it's such a perfect mix of San Francisco and the East Coast.
The shingles have the perfect Nantucket/Vineyard vibe, 
where the crisp architectural lines are so California cool.
The entry is fabulous! It feels so open while still having
plenty of storage to hang all of those layering coats.
And that geometric rug is amazing; we wonder where it's from?
The living room is gorgeous - beams? Yes please! 
We'd love to have a great party here.
Ok. This is our favorite part of the house.
The open family room/kitchen area. 
Can't you just image having a bunch of friends over
for a BBQ? You can still enjoy your guests, while working
away in the kitchen.
Super cute backyard. We think it's really beautifully
landscaped. Especially for San Francisco!
And there is a fun tree house. Can't quite beat that.
Can't you just see this house on Nantucket?
We feel like the Master Bedroom could use a little
sprucing. But that's easiest enough. 
Some fun art, lamps and new furniture would have
this place lookin' better in no time. 
And this little girls room is adorable. 
Cute artwork and bedspread!
The last thing we would need is


My Notting Hill said...

Great house! The geometric rug is fab - wonder if it's custom?

Anonymous said...

Love this series. This is a keeper. Nantucket all the way.

LindsB said...

Yes please! I'll take it any day. I never thought I would like that color green kitchen cabinets, but those are just beautiful!

PS- I tagged you ladies in my post today, hope you dont mind :)

Kathysue said...

What a little jewel in the city. Too have a backyard or a yard of any kind in San Francisco is a real gift, this house is Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing. The entry hall really spoke to me!! Love the living room and dining room, the wainscoting is great! Happy Weekend,

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Ah, looks like a vacation every day!
Have a wonderful weekend!


5th and State said...

let's see....... how many bloggers with how much money would it take to score this darling house?!


Design is... All in the Detail said...

Oh my goodness - the exterior is certainly deceiving! What a beautiful home - thanks so much for sharing. You can certain see all the TLC that has gone into making this house a home! Hope you have a wonderfully enjoyable weekend - Jalon

Shorely Chic said...


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