Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tammy Connor Interior Design

 Tammy Connor is a designer from Charleston SC. 
She is on the Traditional Home list that we have been featuring every Thursday! 
She creates timeless residential interiors with a causal Southern elegance. 
Antiques and soft colors are used in abundance throughout her work.

*Images Compliments of: Tammy Connor Interior Design


Haus and Home said...

I definitely recognize those beds hanging from rope! Love all her work, and that wooden study is amazing!

Bethany said...

Ahh - everything is so beautiful. More and more I am leaning towards Trad, although I would have denied it forever a couple of years ago. Love these images!


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Taylor Greenwalt said...

Love her work. She is very talented...

Ka Mila said...

amazing ; ))

Jamie Herzlinger said...

I love how they treated the crown in the fire place photo. Simple & elegant...a slight twist on what we usually see!

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