Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Soft Seattle Palate

Traditional Home has been hitting it out of the park lately!
I have been loving the clean, black and white interiors
with a pop of an exciting design element thrown in
{i'm talking zebra chair and geometric tiling} in
their issues and just had to share this home in Seattle


Like Me Some said...

So agree!! Amazing!! I'd ;one to relax on that patio!!

ChampagneCrushParty said...

All of these are so pretty and when I see pics like these I want to live like that, but then I turn around and surround myself with color at home (and on my blog). I LOVE it, but can'd DO it...Maybe it's because I'm, by nature, a messier person...busier? I start out looking for calm and end up with crazy. I will say though, when I look at the "calm," I sorta can hear my footsteps...does that make sense? It's all beautiful though, and I LOVE TRADITIONAL HOME and LOVE that Kitchen!

Storage Sheds said...

Beautiful interiors! Thanks for the wonderful post.

the designers muse said...

That's a great home. It's sophisticated, elegant and traditional but new. Saw it in the magazine this month and thought the same. Great article among several other lovely articles. Jennifer

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