Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wedding Stamps

With a house full of girls, future weddings are a constant ever changing
topic that we all giggle over. Deciding where, what and how these
hypothetical events will happen; even before any of us are close to 
walking down that aisle! Sometimes it's a big blow out of a wedding
and sometimes it's an intimate garden wedding. At the moment it's the latter!
Which is why when we saw these gorgeous wedding stamps we fell
madly in love!
So simple, the whole suite is gorgeous. 
Created by saintjohnstreetpress, on Etsy, it's described perfectly,
"I designed a series of invitations and save-the-dates that aspire
to create a mood of timeless, rustic whimsy".
With a recurring theme 
of a laurel leaf, we think they would be perfect! 
We love the idea of a stamp. You can choose your favorite paper
and can select the exact color you want. 


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