Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wallpapered Kitchens

A while back, I babysat for a family in New Orleans with the 
most beautifully wallpapered kitchen. It was unexpected, yet fit so perfectly into that kitchen.  
While I didn't snap a picture, I did find a few great examples of some wallpapered kitchens.
This is definitely something I am going to consider when I have a large
kitchen of my own. (Or a small one for that matter, it just has to be mine!)

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Perfect Dress

The Lucille Dress from J.Crew is the perfect dress. 
I fell in love with the black. The fabric is a cotton-silk
that feels fabulous. The cut of the dress makes your arms 
and legs look slim, as well as your waist. 
And in keeping with my classic summer attire, it fits right in.

For a special dinner date last week I wore 
it with simple black heels and sparkly earrings, and 
felt the perfect amount feminine and sexy. 
Now I think I just might need the green as well!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bell Island, Rowayton

This Bell Harbor house in Rowayton,  Ct is so special. Rowayton is such a great town.
 Life just revolves around the ocean and this house does just that!
There are balconies on all four levels of the house.
 The house has stone steps that lead right down to the water for swimming. 
All the design attention of the house was about the view and the water. 
The color palette has white, greys, blues, taupes and greens. 
The house was complete overhauled, with plumbing,
 wiring, stonework, tiling and paint. Another Bell Island beauty.

*Images Compliments of: Connecticut Cottages and Gardens

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Colors

I love these bright summer colors - 
Turquoise, hot pink and yellow just
overflowing with the summer solstice. The flowers 
are in bloom, the sky is blue, and it is so fun to see 
the colors in nature reflected in my favorite accessories!

Click on images for link information!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brass Accents

More often than not, I find myself pinning images of brass accessories. 
The brass always adds an extra element of sparkle, 
bringing ordinary objects to life. 

So for our most recent Houzz Ideabook, we rounded 
up some of our favorite brass accents. Just a simple
oval box can add quite a bit to a vignette. 

Head on over here to check out our brass accent selections!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Creative Small Spaces

Like so many homes, space is limited. So we are always looking for great ideas to make our small spaces work well and not have storage box's sitting in the living room for months on end with our winter clothes in them! Here are some of the creative ideas. 

1. Choose a light palette throughout the space. 
We love the idea of the small lamp on the kitchen counter. 
2. Use baskets under your bed for storage. 
3. Place your sink outside of the bathroom to save on space.

It is a constant battle to keep things organized and cleaned up in a small space...
We hope some of these ideas help!

*Images Compliments of: House Beautiful

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Loungin'

With warmer days and nights, comes our favorite part of summer, 
summer loungin'. Whether it's reading a book or having a refreshing 
cocktail as the sun goes down, we Cole girls are always finding our 
way outside. When we saw these chairs pop up on Pinterest, we just
knew we had to come up with a little scheme around them.

And don't forget to put some tunes on!

Happy Friday! Here's to Summer Loungin'!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monet's Gardens at NYBG

The New York Botanical Gardens have recreated the gardens of Monet's Giverny in France. 
These gardens are a stunning tribute to the French Impressionist painter and avid gardener. 
What splendid gardens they have created! Paul Hayes Tucker is curator of this project
 and is lecturing on Monet's painting and gardens at the Botanical Gardens.
 There will be evening tours with concerts, poetry walks, 
the children's garden will have art classes for the children, there are featured films, 
and classes all exploring Monet's Gardens with methods on how to create some of the 
magic of theses gardens.  What an exciting exhibit, such beauty!

*Images Compliments of NY Times and Veranda

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Erin Sander Design

Here is some serious eye candy for our lovely readers
today, brought to you by Erin Sander Design. The moment
I opened her website, I knew her interiors would be full of 
color and beautiful design. The combinations of pinks and oranges, 
the study with the built in bookcases, the kitchen with the farm sink...
everything is done with such thought and precision.
It's all about the details, right?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anthro Plates

Anthropologie has the best treasures to be found in the sale section.
When I popped into the Market Street store this past weekend
I just couldn't pass up these amazing plates. They were marked down
to $7.95 from $20. Just the perfect pattern with bright vibrant color!
And I'm thinking I might need four of these...
Each plate is hand-painted. And even the back 
has a beautiful detail. 

*Top image from my Instagram*