Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Kitchen of the Year

The House Beautiful 2012 Kitchen of the Year is here and it is very exciting to see!
It is very clean in its design with many attractive features. 
It has just the right amount of sparkle to be chic without 
going over the top and feeling over done. It has very classic clean lines. 
Some of the features that stand out are the fantastic display case, 
the nautical lighting, the Annapolis navy sinks by Jonathan Adler, 
the antique mirror glass subway tile and the hammered mental sink in a polished Nickel. 
What a great kitchen with so many wonderful design ideas!


Laurie said...

Brilliant! Loving those white appliances instead of the usual stainless.

Things That Inspire said...

I have truly loved evy kitchen from this kitchen designer - I think it is the classic clean lines that you mentioned.

Did not notice the white appliances - that's interesting!


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